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Taylor Made M1 Fairway




M1 Fairway


Our first carbon crown fairway lowers CG for optimal launch conditions and speed with every shot.  The trajectory personalization thanks to the split 30g (2-15g) Sliding Weights allows golfers to personalize their shot shape to maximize performance and consistency.

Players seeking distance and playability and shot shape personalization to dial in launch conditions with their fairway wood.

Key Technologies

    Carbon Composite Crown shifts weight low for optimal launch and spin conditions     Front Track System with two sliding weights (15g each) for preferred shot shape ranging from draw – neutral – fade.     Adjustable Loft Sleeve with 12 positions +/- 2 degrees of loft     Available shaft: Fujikura Pro 70 shaft in X, S, R & M flexes     Available Lofts: 3 (15.5º) , 3-HL (17º), 5 (19º)

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