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Banners Golf offers a full service of club repairs which include:

Club Repairs


Grip Installation

The Staff here at Banners Golf are all skilled in the grip installation process.

Stocked Brands include :




Golf Pride


all priced grips include fitting

Shaft Installation, Removal and or Adjustment

Banners golf repair room provides all the necessary equipment and tools to correctly remove, replace and fix your shaft or club.

Snapped, bent or just needing something different, banners golf can provide you with the correct information and repair to get your clubs in order to get you playing better golf


Lengthen Shaft

If your club is too short, Banners Golf have the equipment to install an extension graphite/steel to make the club better suit your swing


Shorten Shaft

If your club is too long, Banners Golf have the tools required to cut your shaft down graphite/steel to better suit your game.


Remove glue, or rattle within shaft or head

If your club is making unsuspecting noises or can hear some sort of rattle, we can remove and replace the shafts to remove the rattle.

Please call pro shop for quote


Replace or re-glue Ferrule

If your ferrule has become lose and or is damaged , we have a range of ferrules in stock to repair, or can order the necessary replacement if required.


Re-Glue Head

If your shaft has come loose or detached from the head, it only requires the necessary glue and tool to replace, so bring it down for repair

Other Services

Loft & Lie Adjustments

Here at Banners Golf we offer a full adjustment of loft and lie’s, through our loft and lie machine.

If you require assistance in determining the correct loft and lie’s for your golf clubs

Please call the shop on #96313878 to book in a loft and lie fitting with our certified professonal Joanne Bannerman


If we do not have it we will get it in for you. Please phone the pro shop for quote of repair charges #96313878