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At Banners Golf we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest coaching techniques which include Titleist Performance Institute.

Joanne is Certified in TPI Level 1 & Golf Level 3 

(Click here to know more about certification)    

Before we can make changes to your existing golf swing it is important for us to know how your body can move so we can work on your golf swing within the limitations of each individual person. As everyone body movements are different so it is important that we conduct a screening so we know if you can move a certain way or not.

See examples below of some tests we will conduct

Pelvis Rotation Test Torsa Rotation Test Pelvic Tilt Test 90/90 Test Deep Squat Test

     Pelvis Rotation Test              Torso Rotation Test            Pelvic Tilt Test                90/90 Test                 Deep Squat Test   

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