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You should take as much time and care in finding the right fitting golf glove as you do finding the fitting golf shoe. Listed below are some quick tips to finding the FootJoy product that "fits like a glove".

How to Fit Your Golf Glove
To improve your feel for the game, spend more time in the Pro Shop. If you're in the market for a new glove, approach your purchase carefully. Work the fingers in first. Gently depress the leather around each finger until you've achieved a snug fit. (Only then is your thumb allowed entry.) Your glove should fit tightly, taut across the palm as well as the back of your hand. To adjust, never pull on the cuff (the part of the glove around your wrist.) Just smooth the glove out with your other hand. If the glove fits like a "second skin," it's most assuredly a Footjoy.

*Regular vs. Cadet*
Golf gloves are offered in numerous sizes and two distinctly different shapes: regular and cadet. The regular size fits players with palms and fingers that are proportional. Cadet size fits players with shorter fingers and wider palms.

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