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Vertical Force

Vertical Force – GASP 3D Dual Force Plate measures lead and trail vertical forces as well as the combined vertical force. A golfer uses vertical force as an element to create Frontal Plane Torque, also it helps flatten out the arch near impact shallowing the attack angle. Vertical force average from foot to foot controls Centre of Pressure.

Horizontal Trail/Lead Force

GASP 3D Dual Force Plate measures lead and trail horizontal forces as well as the combined horizontal force. This force helps move the position of the vertical force as well contributing to Frontal Plane Torque by helping generate a moment arm.

Horizontal Anterior/Posterior Force

Horizontal Anterior/Posterior Force:- GASP 3D Dual Force Plate measures lead and trail horizontal A/P forces as well as the combined horizontal A/P force. This force helps in the create Horizontal Plane Torque on individual feet and combined GRF. Also Sagittal Plane Torque is influenced by this force which in turn done correctly helps maintain body posture.

Centre of Pressure

Using our Dual Plate system we measure the COP and COP trace of a player and the position of the Free Moment.

Centre of Pressure Velocity

The velocity of the COP is an important in generation of club head speed

Centre of Mass

The players body and Club mass is vital for measuring Horizontal Torque, Frontal Plane Torque, Sagittal Plane Torque.

Moment Arm

We measure Frontal, Sagittal, Transverse Plane. Using the COM is the only way to measure a moment are along with

Frontal Plane Torque

One of the most important GRF in a Golfers Swing. This force primary job is to increase club speed. Science shows us that increasing your Frontal Plane Torque is directly linked to longer tee shots. Creating Frontal Plane Torque is a combination of the COM, Combined Vertical Force and Moment Arm

Horizontal Plane Torque

Using the Horizontal A/P forces and the location of the COM you can calculate Horizontal Plane Torque. This force in this plane helps generate pelvis and Torso rotation.

Pivoting Torque

This torque is very similar to Horizontal Plane Torque, but this time this is measured using the COP to create the moment arm.

Sagittal Plane Torque

The A/P forces, Vertical force and the COM are used to create Sagittal Plane Torque. This force is one force we should try and reduce as it helps maintain posture during the swing.

Free Moment (TZ) - This is the foot contact force. One of the smallest Torques in a golf swing but still carries importance.

Stance Width

The Plates also Measure the stance width of the player.

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