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LADIES SWING FITSwing Fit Golf Beginner Program Sydney

The best thing about Swing Fit is that you do not have to be good at golf to get involved, or have even picked up a club before!

If you would like to improve your fitness and learn a little bit about golf at the same time, Swing Fit is for you!

The Swing Fit Beginner Program is about participants learning the very basics of the game through game-based activities, while at the same time engaging in conditioning exercises to ensure that some fitness is achieved, as well as social activities to ensure a relaxed environment!

If you do have some knowledge of golf or even a great deal of knowledge of golf, the Swing Fit Intermediate program is perfect for you. The Program allows you to refine your skillset through a more detailed and refined skill acquisition approach, and at the same time, achieving increased fitness via the conditioning exercises.

If you are after one-on-one pure golf-specific tuition, Swing Fit may not meet your expectations.

To find out more about the Program contact Jo in the Pro Shop on 02 9631 3878.

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