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The Best Golf Lessons and Instructors Sydney has to offer

Our coaching staff at Banners Golf are Certified PGA members. We pride ourselves on being trained in using the latest technology.

At Banners Golf Academy Sydney we have the best golf lessons and the best golf instructors Sydney has to offer. Our staff have years’ worth of knowledge and experience, and the best technology available to provide you with the finest golf classes available in town. Banners Golf Academy is located in Sydney’s West in Cumberland. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned golfer, lessons with our Professional coaches will help you get the most out of your game.

At Banners Golf Academy we offer a broad range of expert lessons both on the course and in our state of the art tech centre, for all ages, all skill levels, and all genders. 


With three high speed cameras intergrated into GASP state of the art instruction and advanced coaching system software, our Banners Golf coaches can pin point errors in techniques, compare pupils actions and show where and how a pupil can improve their technique. View more and book now. Prices from $60


The only device of its kind in New South Wales. With guidance from Banners Golf staff, players will be assessed on their existing mental processes and will be given techniques to increase the ability to play shots and make decisions under extreme pressure. View more and book now. Prices from $60


TRACKMAN 4 is our most advanced indoor shot tracking software and allows unbelievable feedback for both the Coach and the student. Realtime feedback is instantly available onscreen after each shot.  View more and book now. Prices from $60


Having a session in our Banners Golf Tech Centre, we can measure the Kinematic sequence which instantly illustrates the cause of distance and accuracy issues. View more and book now. Prices from $60


We are fortunate at Cumberland to be able to do lessons outdoor to enable the student to get some turf interaction. View more and book now. Prices from $60


Book in for a 9 hole playing lesson where we can go through your Course Management during a round. View more and book now. Prices from $60


At Banners Golf we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest coaching techniques which includes Titleist Performance Institute (Joanne is Certified Level 3, one of only 3 in Australia with this qualification). View more and book now. Prices from $60


If you would like to improve your game we have weekly classes available to help with all aspects of your game. Why not get your friends together and book in. View more and book now. Prices from $60