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Shoe Fitting

FootJoy’s famous reputation for fit and comfort has been proven through many years of meticulous craftsmanship and strict standards.

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Fitting Tips

In an effort to offer the best possible fit, please consider the following tips:

Determine your size and width using a Brannock Device®. The Brannock Device has been the shoe fitting standard for over 70 years. This device measures heel to toe length, arch length, and width. It is best to have a shop assistant to help you with the measurement.

Look at the general shape of your foot. The Brannock Device helps you measure the length and width of your foot, however, it does not measure volume.

Selecting the appropriate last to match your unique fit characteristics can help address the question of volume.

Slipping in the heel or movement in the forefoot may indicate an incorrect size. Walkthrough the shop, testing your shoes for comfort. Size and Width Offerings: The fact is that feet come in many different shapes and sizes. FootJoy has always been known for its vast size and width offerings. This year alone, we will offer over 10,000 individual SKUs. For the men, we offer sizes ranging from 7-16 and widths from Narrow (N) to Extra Wide (XW). For the women, we will offer sizes from 5-12 and widths from Narrow (N) to Wide (W). FootJoy Last Library: Not all shoes are created equal. The shape of the shoe depends on the characteristics of the Last. The LAST, originally made of wood and now made of composite plastics, is the form of the foot around which the shoe is shaped. Last characteristics vary based on the goals of the shoe’s fit and appearance. FootJoy offers a variety of lasts for men and women in golf shoes. When considering a shoe, consider the characteristics of the Last. 

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