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Price:  $150 - 60 Minutes

The only device of its kind in New South Wales, the Focusband is based on the EEG process and is able to measure the electrical activity on the scalp of the athlete, thereby indicating to what extent the brain is being used. Simply, the brain processes motor function and instruction either in the left side (processing only 40 instructions per second) or right side (our subconscious side which processes 11 million instructions per second). Ideally, golfers should be PLAYING from their subconscious hemisphere, as they will be less likely to succumb to the external pressures and internal commentary relating to score, swing technique and what-if scenarios. With guidance from Banners Golf staff, players will be assessed on their existing mental processes and will be given techniques to increase the ability to play shots and make decisions under extreme pressure.

The Focusband took our Australian & World NUMBER 1 Jason Day to new levels. It helped him improve his mental game 110%. It taught him how to "get in the zone" which most players struggle to achieve. The mental side of the game plays a major role in a person's ability to successfully hit golf shots they intend to.

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