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Video Analysis Golf Lessons Sydney - Trackman and Gasp and Balance Plate

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Price - $150 60 Minutes

Our GASP Lab technology is fully integrated with all our technology. For full digital capture of your golf swing with comprehensive analysis, this is cutting edge technology to improve your game.

With 3 high-speed cameras integrated into GASP state of the art instruction and hi-tech Golf coaching system software, our Golf Academy coaches can pinpoint mistakes in techniques, compare the person's actions and show where and how can he/she improve their technique.

Gasp Lab 4 is a Video analysis system used to analyse Golf swings.

Our coaches can analyse with Drawing tools, we have launch monitor data, we have the K vest data which shows the kinematic sequence that will pinpoint errors that the naked eye cant see.

Ultimately, the most popular studio solution choice, containing all the features contained in Gasp Lab 4 Multi-Camera Live along with the integration of Trackman 4.

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