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Having a Golf Lesson in our Banners Golf Tech Centre we can measure the Kinematic sequence which instantly illustrates the cause of distance and accuracy issues. It provides critical 3D information required for analysing swings and helping each player achieve their goals. Our staff can instantly see movement from any angle that a video analysis cannot pick up, to ensure we have everything analysed before we start to work on the swing faults. We can provide you with a training programme with the exercises to help you train your muscles. When the K Vest puts you in the correct position it gives you the exact feel of where you need to be and what it feels like. K-VEST is an all in one capture, analysis and training solution.  This 3D software allows us to measure swing efficiency and compare this 3D motion to the world's top PGA, LPGA and champion tour players.This real time training experience improves swing faults in less time.

Kinematic Sequence

If there's one thing that I have learned over the past 15 years, it is that no two golfers have the same golf swing. But for some reason every time I meet a golfer it seems like all they want to do is visually compare their golf swing to another golfer. This type of mentality never made sense to me. Why would I want to compare myself to another golfer who probably doesn't have the same physical structure or physical capabilities as me, and therefore, could never feel what I feel when I swing the golf club. The problem comes from us not having a better way to evaluate the golf swing. What we should do is figure out if our golf swing is efficient or inefficient and then make corrective changes based on that information. Unfortunately, we have never been able to measure efficiency of the golf swing, only how it looks or its style, until now. 
Haven't you ever wondered how someone like Jim Furyk won the U.S. Open with that golf swing? Or how players like Raymond Floyd or even John Daly have had such successful careers with such unorthodox golf swings. Fortunately, with the aid of new 3-D motion capture systems, researchers have been able to identify the true measurement of a good golf swing. The answer is not how close your swing looks like Ernie Els or Tiger Woods on a video camera, the answer is how efficient your swing measures compared to the best players in the world. In other words, there are a lot of ugly golf swings on the PGA Tour, but they all seem to get the job done. The question you should be asking yourself is how can I make my golf swing get the job done? 
Using data collected from 3-D motion analysis systems, we are now looking at how golfers generate speed and transfer this speed or energy throughout their bodies. We have found a certain sequence or signature of how they get this speed to the club head. We call this the “Kinematic Sequence”. The amazing thing is that all great ball strikers have the same kinematic sequence or the same signature of generating speed and transferring speed throughout their body. That means if you compare Ernie Els kinematic sequence to Jim Furyk's kinematic sequence it's hard to show a difference. That is a bold statement since there is an obvious difference on a video camera between these two players. All great ball strikers begin by generating speed from their lower body and transferring this speed through their torso, into their arms, and then into the club. What style they use to complete this signature is completely unique to each player.

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